Ms. Richey holds a Master of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology and has worked in the Katy Independent School District for over a decade, placing her in the unique position to provide relevant character guidance and enrichment needed in today's society. Drawing on her experience in education, she combines her years and success as a teacher with her passion for making a difference in the lives of her students by teaching  social skills in practical and innovative classes.


Karen is certified by the prestigious American School of Protocol, a division of Personal Best, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia, whose expert and rigorous curriculum includes training children and adults in all aspects of character development as well as corporate communication, strategic self-presentation, and business protocol for domestic and international clients.


Ms. Richey is dedicated to helping the youth of today meet life's opportunities and challenges with confidence and authority of modern day etiquette- because manners DO matter.


Research shows that individuals are more receptive to learning proper manners from an outside source. Based in Katy, Texas, The Academy of Etiquette will curb undesirable conduct before it becomes habit. Our students learn to put their best foot forward in both their personal and professional lives ahead.


Through engaging hands-on learning, participants are taught safe and respectable behavior in real life situations. Our graduates will be equipped with the command of proper principles of behavior to ensure success in any type of interaction- from choosing the correct fork in the dining room to extending the appropriate deference in the boardroom.

The Academy of Etiquette develops the courtesies and considerations that build personal relationships, enhance one's reputation, and offers the competitive edge in a challenging work environment.

The benefits of being at ease when faced with any social situation are immeasurable. Our goal is to teach those necessary skills to compose personal power and confidence in poise and presence.

Photos courtesy of The American School of Protocol.