Children who want to learn to play a musical instrument take lessons.  If they want to learn to dance, they take lessons.  And the same is true with sports.  So, if parents want their children to be taught proper etiquette, they enroll their sons and daughters in classes with The Academy of Etiquette.


We teach the success that is desperately needed in today’s casual and chaotic world.  Our curriculum has been tested on over 10,000 girls and boys and is thorough and timely.  We embrace the responsibility to develop competent, confident and mannerly young adults.


Our engaging classes take place in the Katy area and are arranged in the following small groups:



  •  Grades 1-5
  •  Grades 6-9 Girls
  •  Grades 6-9 Boys
  •  Grades 10-12


Grades 1- 5

The focus on socialization skills and dining skills for boys and girls.  The class size is limited to ten children, one assistant, and the instructor.  Food is prepared and served five out of the six lessons.  Dining is a natural time for conversation and therefore affords the opportunity to discuss and develop social skills such as:


  • Proper introductions
  •  Correct handshake and greetings
  •  Following house and table rules
  •  Remembering names
  •  Conversation skills – acceptable and unacceptable subjects
  •  Thank you notes
  •  Consideration of others
  •  Making new friends
  •  Sharing
  •  Respect for someone’s property and home
  •  Telephone skills and safety
Grades 6-9 Girls

This course of study for middle school girls involves learning to communicate effectively with others, dining, personal fitness, fashion and fabrics, and correspondence.  The goal of this course is to help launch confident young women into a successful pattern for life.  Mother-daughter classes are often included throughout the lessons.  The syllabus includes:

  •  Self-presentation skills
  •  Posture/modeling/fashion tips
  •  Telephone etiquette
  •  Haircare/skin cleaning
  •  Dining
  •  Thank-you notes
  •  Speaking eloquently
  •  Interviewing skills
  • Clothing classes
  • Sports etiquette
Grades 6-9 Boys

The program for middle school boys is designed to increase the confidence levels of a very difficult age group.  Boys and girls general classes are separated due to their various stages of maturity.  Mixed classes are held twice in the course:  The first lesson of self-presentation skills and the five-course dinner final lesson.  Course sessions include:

  • Self-presentation skills
  •  Putting outfits together
  •  Gentleman’s conversation tips
  •  Introductions and presenting a one-minute speech
  • Sports etiquette
  • Thank-you notes
  • Speaking eloquently
  • Interviewing skills
  •  Dining
Grades 10-12

These students are approaching the legal age of 18 which means that the wise or poor decisions that they make will govern their futures.  Our course is designed to help the students learn more about themselves, their actions and the way they communicate.  The syllabus includes:

  • Meeting people
  •  Clothing
  •  Interviewing
  •  Dining
  •  Dating skills
  •  Five-course meal

In days gone by, etiquette was taught around the kitchen table.  Families sat down to dinner together and learned that children must be excused before they may leave the table. When it came time to entertain guests together, “Children must be seen and not heard.”  Families taught decorum and, by example, gracious hospitality, the responsibilities of a host and courtesy to a guest.


Today, the face of the family has changed.  Along with leisure life, many daily family occasions have disappeared.  Our lifestyle has become far less formal – becoming extremely casual. It is often the exception when families sit down at the table for a leisurely meal with everyone present.  We have become a fast-food generation.  It is no wonder that young adults today are often embarrassed to discover a gap in their knowledge of dining and social skills.


It is for this reason that our academy was conceived and it is in this environment that it thrives.  Knowing that good manners are guidelines for a successful life, parents earnestly want their children to be acquainted with points of etiquette.  They want them to be prepared for new situations with the poise and confidence that comes from “knowing how it’s done.”


Photos courtesy of The American School of Protocol.